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Bub-Ba-Q, a local, Championship Barbecue restaurant has achieved national recognition for their multi-award winning flavor. The owner and barbecue master, William “Bubba” Latimer is recognized as one of the premier barbecue masters in the country. He and his wife, Shannon, have been featured in Atlanta Magazine’s July 10 edition as well as a run on the Food Network’s The Greatest American BBQ Showdown and numerous local publications this year alone highlighting their success and accomplishments in the barbecue community. On August 26th, Bub-Ba-Q’s team was featured on TLC’s Pitmasters series doing what they do best and competing for the grand price of $100,000.

Bub-Ba-Q was one of the few finalists selected out of a pool of thousands to compete in the reality show, Pitmasters. Multiple teams are pitted against one another in a series of challenges related to the art of barbecue. Judges have been selected to determine the winner and honor the winning team with the title of Pitmaster.

Bubba opened his first Bub-Ba-Q restaurant in Jasper, Georgia December 2005. In 2006, he competed for the first time in a professional BBQ contest, winning and becoming Grand Champion. His success during this competition lit a fire in him that has sent him around the country competing and winning. In 2008 and 2009, Bubba competed in the Jack Daniel’s World Championship, placing near the top. The criteria for competing in the professional division of barbecue competition are appearance, taste, and tenderness. All category winners are chosen by certified judges that award points through a blind judging process. The four categories include: Chicken, Ribs, Pork, and Brisket.

In June of 2009, Bub-Ba-Q opened a second location in Woodstock, Georgia. In that time, he has competed in many competitions, winning enough trophies to fill the restaurant. In 2010, he has competed in over 25 competitions with many more on the horizon. His passion for barbecue shows in the way he treats his customers that visit Bub-Ba-Q on a daily and weekly basis, providing them with the highest quality and most delicious barbecue in the area to the dedication and competitive spirit he shows it comes to competitive barbecue championships across the nation.

6 Responses to “About Bub-Ba-Q”

  1. Heather Askea says:

    We ate at the Jasper location this week and it was amazing! The meat, the sauce, the sides, and the very sweet and courteous staff. We took home a bottle of sauce and realized that we should have taken home a case! WAy to go Bubba!

  2. Holly Loveland says:

    We bought a pork sandwich and baked beans today at a cross country meet in Jasper. It was the most delicious sandwich and beans I have ever had – and I have tried lots of barbecue! The meat was so moist and tasty. The beans had the best flavor of any baked beans I have ever eaten. We will definitely be back – even though we live in Cumming!

  3. Rick Goldstein says:

    Best-of-the-best BBQ in Atlanta. Both locations rock. Brisket, pork,bbq nachos, ribs and beans make a visit. Award winning competition cooks same calibur food in his restaurant. Leave room for cocoanut cake.

  4. 7 says:

    I really enjoyed watching you on Pitmasters. Y’all have great food, however since it is reality tv and Bubba did have his game face on the entire program way to represent Atlantis. 7

  5. Jim & Kenya Mann says:

    It was so nice meeting you two in Dothan, Alabama at the Tristate BBQ Festival this weekend. We are looking forward to using the rub and sauce we purchased from you. We can’t wait to make a visit to your restaurant soon. Congrats on your grand champion win this weekend. Keep up the good work!

  6. Denise and Linda says:

    I have lived about 3 minutes from the Woodstock location for years. My mom came into town and wanted to go some place they don’t have in Warner Robins, GA. So I decided to give Bub-Ba-Q a try. It was the amazing! The bbq was great and the Strawberry White Chocolate cake was ridiculous!! My mom liked it so well she wants to have my daughters graduation party catered by Bub-Ba-Q. The only down side, the guy that was our server, not so great. Very slow service. Thanks for the great experience.

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